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Glossary & Character Sheets

Before the next stage of the story begins, a quick recap is in order. I want to show the adventuring party’s up-to-date character sheets together in one place. First, I want to do a quick glossary of important information about the setting as we have seen it in the story so far.


The year is 997 YK.

The Silver Flame
A disembodied force of pure goodness and law. It is concerned with the struggle against evil and corruption, particularly against the demons released by Khyber eons ago. It has little interest in the struggles of mortals, but has learned to communicate with the sentient races of Eberron within the last thousand years.
The Church of the Silver Flame
A religion that worships the Flame, practised mainly in the human nations of Khorvaire. Symbolised by a silver-blue flame sigil.
The followers of the Church.
The Keeper of the Flame
The head of the Church.
The Templars of the Silver Flame
Militant arm of the Church. The longbow is the favoured weapon of templars. Symbolised by a silver arrowhead covered in blue flame.
The underworld of Eberron. In legend, one of the Progenitor Dragons, that slew her sister Siberys and was imprisoned within Eberron as punishment; hence also The Dragon Below. Many demons and worse, created by Khyber, are imprisoned in its depths.
The most populous continent of Eberron.
The Five Nations
The human nations of Khorvaire, though their population is only around 70% human. Aundair, Breland, Cyre, Thrane, Karrnath.
A theocracy ruled by the Keeper of the Flame, run by an executive Council.
A city in the north of Thrane. Formerly part of Aundair, it was captured during the Last War. Its citizens still view Thrane as occupiers, and there is a substantial rebel movement in the city that has recently escalated into open conflict.
The Last War
A war between the Five Nations that lasted over 100 years, ended in 996 YK.
The Mourning
The cataclysmic event that destroyed the entire nation of Cyre in 994 YK.
The Twelve
The twelve principle Dragonmarked houses of Eberron. These are multinational corporations rather than hereditary families; it is shared business interests and the technology made possible by the dragonmarks, one for each house, that bind them together.
House Phiarlan
One of the Twelve, House Phiarlan is an elven house that carries the Mark of Shadow. Its business interests lie in entertainment and the arts and, less openly, espionage. Its sigil is a five-headed hydra.
The Blood of Vol
A religion in Khorvaire, that believes in struggle against the mortality inflicted on mortals by the gods, and that mortal blood is the path to immortality. Banned in Thrane but practiced openly in the other Nations. Undead often hold positions of power within the Blood.


Now, here’s our adventuring party. Some details have never been determined so some parts will be vague, leaving it open to add details later that tie into a plot or situation.

Anaya - Cleric(3). Damage d6, hit points 17.
Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
9 0 13 +1 9 +0 15 +1 16 +2 13 +1

Alignment: Good: Endanger yourself to heal another

Race: Human (Church of the Silver Flame): Damage against fiends and lycanthropes is d8

Moves: Commune, Cast a Spell, Turn Undead, Divine Guidance, Scales of Life and Death, Serenity

Equipment: Bow, short sword, chainmail, shield

Physical description: 27 years old, 5’6”, brown hair. Always appears in her Templar uniform: chainmail covered by a white tabard bearing the arrowhead sigil of the Flame, and a bow slung at her back.

Background: Anaya is the younger daughter of a noble family from one of the Five Nations (not Cyre). She gave up that life to become a Templar due to feeling a personal connection to the Flame.

Esthana - Fighter(1)/Exorcist of the Silver Flame(1). Damage d10, hit points 25.
Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
13 +1 16 +2 15 +1 9 +0 13 +1 8 -1

Alignment: Good: Defend those weaker than yourself

Race: Half-elf: Precise with short swords

Moves: Bend Bars Lift Gates, Armoured, Signature weapon: Short sword, Weapon of the Exorcist

Equipment: Flametouched Iron short sword

Description: 29 years old, 5’6”, can pass for human if her ears aren’t visible; physically fit, strong and nimble. Clothing TBD since she just lost her uniform.

Background: born in Eston in Cyre, Esthana joined the army at 17, and served for nine years during the Last War, primarily on the front line against Karrnath where she faced both human and undead enemies. She lost her home, (we presume) her family, and her nation on the day of the Mourning. A follower of the Silver Flame, she made her way to Thrane and, due to her faith and military experience, was accepted into the army there. After having a near-death religious experience, she is now called to fight for the Flame against the cults of Khyber; as a result she deserted from the army.

I have been short-changing Esthana a little on her combat mechanics. Initially I wrote longbow on her character sheet as her signature weapon, but didn’t give her the special weapon that that entitles her to; I was thinking that it could be a found or gifted thing. Rereading chapter 1, I realised I described her shortsword as a Flametouched Iron weapon, so let’s make that her special weapon; that fits with the Weapon of the Exorcist that she gets levelling up, which is meant to be the weapon with which she killed the evil creature. Okay, so her shortsword is now:

  • Wreathed in silver fire; it deals +1d6 damage to evil beings.
  • Sharp. +2 piercing.
  • Unblemished.
  • Cannot be lost permanently.

All her other gear was taken away by the army when she was arrested recently.

Vaalyun d’Phiarlan - Dragonmarked(2). Damage d4, hit points 17.
Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
8 -1 13 +1 9 +0 16 +2 12 +0 16 +2

Alignment: Neutral: Use your house’s reputation to help yourself

Race: Elf, Dragonmark of Shadows: Shadows and Darkness

Moves: Favoured in House, All in the Family, By Hospitality Sustained, Summon Living Dragonmark, Hireling: Loyalty +1, Beautiful, Group, Stealthy, Athletic

Equipment: Concealed dagger, tailored leather armour, image projector, scrying stone, valuable rings

Description: 50 years old, 5’5”. Either wears a formal green robe embroidered with red hydra’s heads (the symbol of his house); or a less ostentatious green jacket of similar design, worn over tailored leather armour and under a dark cloak.

Background: He serves as a Shadow, one of House Phiarlan’s spies; he seeks valuable information that he can trade for influence within the House. He spent five years as its agent in Thaliost, doing work for the garrison commander there, but recently crossed the commander by helping Esthana escape from the jail.

I want to add a fourth character.


For the type of story I’m telling, money isn’t really what it’s about, so I’m not accounting the small stuff. Esthana has no money at all right now (the army would have been paying her, but seized her stuff when she deserted); Anaya would have only a little, as Templars usually just depend on the local Church for places to stay and food.

Going by the guidance given for House Phiarlan, the sort of job Vaalyun did for Anaya & Stamos would be worth 1000-10000gp (offscreen, he did get paid before busting Estana out); and we established that he worked for the Commander before, so he has been collecting 1000s of gold on jobs before. Let’s say he has 5000gp, mostly in the bank. He can use his class moves to draw on more, potentially a lot more if he can give a good reason for it and meet the requirements.

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