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III.24: Raiders' End

Jungle, near Haka’torvhak
Nymm 14, 997 YK

Okay, the key roll here—does Esthana catch up with the Blackscales before they reach Haka’torvhak?

Hunt and Track(Asmure): 2D6(2 3) +2 = 7 Partial success.
You follow the creature’s trail
Scout Ahead(Esthana): 2D6(4 2) +1 = 7 Partial success.
You get the drop on whatever lies ahead

Yes. Both rolls are only just enough for the partial success, but they got it.

Let’s see how Anaya’s doing.

Defy Danger(CON)(Anaya): 2D6(6 1) +1 = 8 Partial success.
Tell them the requirements or consequences and ask: Lose the chainmail or take a penalty

Anaya accepts the penalty Sick for a -1 to Con rolls.

It was only a few hours since dawn, but the jungle was already stiflingly hot. Anaya could not know how far the Blackscales had taken them, but they must be more than a hundred miles from Newthrone now, in the deepest part of Q’barra’s jungle. The cleric would have given much for a sea breeze right now, anything to relieve the thick, humid jungle air.

I will let them get a little healing, but not the usual half of their hitpoints per rest because they are not getting to rest properly.

On this morning, however, the lizardfolk had not set out at dawn. Neeate and three others waited restlessly around the campfire, and even the two lizardfolk guarding Anaya and Nyseris seemed distracted.

Anay shifted a little closer to Nyseris. “We are not doomed to die here. The Flame is with us, even now, wherever we go.”

Nyseris shifted only slightly. The ranger was strong, but was still in much pain from their burns. Anaya had not been allowed to heal the ranger or herself, of course. “The Flame is with us,” Nyseris replied weakly.

“There is no darkness that cannot be pierced by the light. The Flame would never let them free their master.”

One of the Blackscales said something in Draconic, and Neeate snapped back a reply. Anaya looked to Nyseris questioningly.

Discern Realities(Nyseris): 2D6(5 3) +1 = 8 Partial success.
What happened here recently?

“The others–s were meant to return,” Nyseris whispered.

Half of the Blackscales had been left behind on the previous morning, so their captors were a far smaller group now than they had been before.

“What were the others doing?” asked Anaya.

“Hunting,” said Nyseris. “Not for food. Pursuers.”

“Then the gul siksta are tracking us—trying to free us?”

Defy Danger(DEX)(Esthana): 2D6(2 4) +3 = 9 Partial success.
Turn their move back on them: the sentry cries out as you kill them.

There was a shriek from somewhere out in the jungle. All the lizardfolk sprung to attention; the two guards looked up to scan the jungle. Neeate said something in Draconic, calling out to the jungle.

Does Neeate stand and fight? Unlikely (Taking the cleric and running would be more prudent and stick to their mission).
Fate d100(6)=Exceptional Yes!
Discern Realities(Anaya): 2D6(1 3) +3 = 7 Partial success.
What is about to happen?

Just one cry; is it Esthana out there? Anaya shifted slightly, peering into the jungle around them.

Defy Danger(DEX)(Esthana): 2D6(6 6) +3 = 15 Success!
Deals d10 (6) + d6 (1) = 7 damage, 2 piercing: another Blackscale scout dies

That’s both scouts down.

The guards might simply kill the prisoners here, or use them as human shields.

Defy Danger(CHA)(Anaya): 2D6(4 4) +1 = 9 Partial success.
Turn their move back on them: The Blackscales are not paying attention to you, but that leaves them free to all face Esthana

Another cry of pain from the jungle, closer this time; a lizardfolk cry, Anaya thought. She did not want to draw the attention of the guards—they might kill her rather than let her be freed—so Anaya kept quiet and still, trying to be ready while still appearing subdued.

Neeate shouted something defiantly, and the remaining six lizardfolk—their guards included—grouped up around their leader, spears at the ready.

Esthana’s sword has the property “infused with Good and Law and is recognised as such by all who see it”, as well as burning with silver flame; and Esthana has killed the entire ambush party that these lizardfolk left waiting for her. I am giving her a chance to just scare them so much that they turn and run.

Defy Danger(CHA)(Esthana): 2D6(6 3) -1 = 8 Partial success.
Worse outcome: only two Blackscales run

The shadows of the clearing flickered, and a moment later Esthana stepped into the clearing. The flames engulfing her sword seemed brighter than ever, its raging light illuminating Esthana’s plate mail. Two of the Blackscales, tough warriors that were over a foot taller than the Templar, threw down their spears and fled east into the jungle immediately; the others took a step back, clustering fearfully around Neeate.

The Templar’s sword was immaculate, but the rest of her was a grim sight. Esthana’s plate was stained with blood, dirty and rended in places. Her gaze momentarily dropped to meet Anaya’s, but then she began advancing again, watching the Blackscales closely.

Hack and Slash(Esthana): 2D6(3 3) +3 = 9 Partial success.
Deals d10+d6=8 damage, takes d8 (7) +3 = 10 damage, 7 after armour

Neeate pointed and screamed something, and the remaining lizardfolk charged. Esthana parried away the first spear, and cut down the lizardfolk wielding it, but with no shield arm she could not fend away so many attacks; one spear found a joint in her plate and drew blood, and Esthana staggered back.

Cast a Spell(Cure Light Wounds)(Anaya): 2D6(6 5) +3 = 14 Success!
Heals for d8+6=13
Cast a Spell(Cure Light Wounds)(Nyseris): 2D6(2 1) +1 = 4 Failure!
Reveal an unwelcome truth: too weak to act in this fight

Anaya is at 17/17 HP but restrained; Esthana is at 8/26 HP; Nyseris is out of action.

Seeing Red(Esthana): 2D6(1 1) +1+1 = 4 Failure!
Separate them: Neeate is now going to do what they should have done in the first place, and flee with Anaya

“Now Nyseris!” said Anaya, seizing the moment to draw on the Flame. She hoped she would be strong enough to free herself from the bonds now that the guards were busy; the energy of the Flame flowed into her, and she felt her fatigue and pain fade away. She began to struggle with the knots holding her hands.

That caught Neeate’s attention. The Blackscale leader ran over, hurriedly untying the rope from the tree, and hauled Anaya to her feet forcefully. Anaya felt invigorated, however, and resisted the creature towering over her; she stepped around the lizardfolk and shoulder-barged them into the tree, winding them.

Hack and Slash(Esthana): 2D6(6 3) +3 = 12 Success!
Deals d10 (8) + d6 (5) = 13 damage

21 total damage on this group (and no armour, because of her Signature Weapon’s piercing +2) means 3 out of 4 are dead and the last is nearly done. The Fighter is good at her role.

Defy Danger(STR)(Anaya): 2D6(6 5) +0 = 11 Success!

The next move was Anaya’s alignment at creation: risk yourself to heal another.

Cast a Spell(Cure Light Wounds)(Anaya): 2D6(6 5) +3 = 14 Success!
Heals d8 (6) +6=12 HP

Esthana is at 20/26 HP. Those were some good rolls.

“Esthana!” Seizing the moment, Anaya ran over to the other Templar. Esthana had cut down two more of the lizardfolk, who lay bleeding and scorched on the ground; the one remaining Blackscale was still stabbing at the Templar, more in fear than hope. Anaya reached Esthana and laid a hand on her shoulder, and silver light enveloped them both as the Flame’s healing restored the Templar.

Hack and Slash(Esthana): 2D6(5 5) +3 = 13 Success!
d10 (2) + d6 (1) = 3 damage, which is enough to kill the last lizardfolk warrior

Refreshed, Esthana made a sudden lunge, dodging past the lizardfolk’s spear and running them through. The silver fire that had surrounded her seemed to flow off of her down the blade and into the creature, burning the Blackscale as they fell to the ground.

Neeate ought to run—only Esthana is in a good position to pursue, and it would not be so hard to outrun someone in ful plate in a jungle—but I did get that exceptional yes earlier.

Neeate was standing by the campfire now, staring at the two Templars defiantly. “What manner of warrior are you, that can kill all my s–soldiers so easily?” the lizardfolk hissed.

“I am a Templar of the Silver Flame,” Esthana replied simply; she held up her sword, still blazing with silver light and untarnished by any sign of blood.

“Your gods are old and tired, human; the power I serve has stood in your flames for thousands of years, yet shows no burns. I fear you not.” Neeate, already wielding a sword, picked up a spiked shield from among the supplies around the campfire; Anaya saw that embossed on the shield was a depiction of a dragon.

Let’s try it again.

Seeing Red(Esthana): 2D6(6 6) +1 = 13 Success!
What here is hidden? Neeate does actually fear that sword, after seeing it cut through all of their soldiers.
What here is useful or valuable to me? You note the position of the campfire, the trees, etc. Plus the camp will contain loot, supplies. Hold 1.

+1 for acting on the information, of course. That is why Esthana needs to use her Seeing Red whenever she can in a fight.

Hack and Slash(Esthana): 2D6(4 2) +3+1 = 10 Success!
Deal d10 (5) + d6 (1) = 6 damage, piercing 2 armour

Nonetheless, Neeate eyed the sword warily as Esthana advanced, edging away from the Templar. Esthana swung the sword wide to one side, and the lizardfolk parried aggressively with their shield—and then Esthana kicked the lizardfolk in the knee, causing them to stumble into the remains of the fire. Before they could recover, Esthana made the killing stroke, driving her sword up into the lizardfolk’s throat. Neeate stared, shocked, for a moment, before dropping lifeless to the ground.

“Watch the eyes next time, not the blade,” said Esthana, as she sheathed her sword.

Make Camp(party): heal

Loot from the Blackscale party:

  • far from home so 19 rations (one per enemy);
  • for the sorceror, magical: Random wand of locate animals, and d8=7 gives d4 * 100 = 400 gold pieces.
  • for Neeate, divine: the black-dragon embossed shield that Neeate carried, and d6+2+d4 = 8 gives a 500gp item of art.
End of Session(party): Anaya and Esthana met their alignment goals; and they looted a valuable treasure from Neeate so +1 to all for that.

Anaya: 0 failures, alignment goal; at 11XP.
Esthana: 1 failure, alignment goal; at 10XP.
Nyseris: 1 failure; at 11XP; level up.

Level Up(Nyseris): Cha +1; Random Viper’s Strike: +d4 damage if attacking with two weapons

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